My Feelings on Courtship vs. Dating.
Wow. Such a powerful story. 

I will be sharing videos with you all for the next few days about my feelings on courtship. 

God has laid it on my heart to dig deeper into courtship stuff and I want to share it all with you.

My feelings on courtship have changed over the years. I have always been old fashioned, but never matched up to Biblical standards until recently in the past few years. Courtship means that your intentions are to marry the person that you are with. You see a future with him (or her, if there is gentlemen reading this post). In a courtship, there is purpose to your relationship and your main goal is to bring glory to the King that sets above every other king. Courtship means no sex before marriage and anything else that would tempt and lead you to sin. Courtship means you respect and honor the other person, their boundaries and their feelings. Learning and growing together in the things of the Lord! Above all, you glorify Jesus as a couple!

Dating, however, is the complete opposite. You don’t know if you will marry this person or not and typically, it ends up in a break up (or two or three), then you have to go through healing before you get into ANOTHER dating relationship and do it ajdll again! There’s no standards in dating relationships and there certainly are no Biblical standards in it, either. 

That is the difference between courtship and dating. And, yes, it matters.

God intended us to be whole and healed before getting into a courtship with someone and I really do believe that he has the one best potential man (or woman) out there for you and God will reveal it in His own timing. Trust Him! It is so worth it to wait on God and your future mate. We just have to be willing to actively wait. And by actively wait, I don’t mean just twirl your thumbs, sit in a rocking chair and wait to have God bring a man (or woman) to come knocking on your door.

No! Pursue God. Pursue your purpose. Pursue your passions and hobbies. Start that business you been wanting to start. Travel the world. Preach the gospel. Learn how to sew. Learn how to cook. Learn how to clean. Learn how to take care of children. Learn how to be a help meet. 

God bless you guys!

Dancing Dreamss.


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