Courtship Part 2.

Hey yall! Take the time to click the link above to watch the video. Thanks! 🙂


Let me just say…


Courtship is never easy and I am beginning to see that with those that are around me.

Ultimately, God has a plan and you must have the faith that know that He is good and that He gives good gifts and He works things out for the good of those that love Him.

A courtship can be a time of deep pruning and preparing so that you don’t have to go through the issues that most have to go through when they get married?

Would you rather go through a hard courtship and have and little bit smoother marriage or a smooth marriage because you decided to rush things, not wait and skip the pruning and then have to work through those deep issues DURING your marriage? Because, one way or another, the pruning WILL come.

That’s not to say that your marriage or any marriage will be perfect without hard work, because anything that is worth it, requires hard work, but of you use your singleness and your courtship to your advantage to go through the process, the pruning, the testing and the preparation,  you will be properly prepared for sending the time comes to get married.

Prepare more for the marriage itself versus just the wedding. 

Anyone can prepare a wedding, but it takes a very special person to keep a marriage going year after year.

I love you guys!

Be back tomorrow. 

Xoxo xoxo xoxo,

Dancing Dreamss.


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