Why I Wear a Purity Ring.

And, no, it isn’t JUST because God told me to.

While it is the majority of the reason that I do, it is so much more!

When it left my old worldly relationships and mentalities behind, I wanted physical evidence and encouragement to keep me going when I have nothing left.

It means purity.

It means worth.

It means I am worth the wait.

It means that my future hubby is worth the wait.

It means that my body is not an item, but a treasure meant exclusively for marriage ONLY.

Most importantly, it means I love and fear God enough to love out His commands He tells ALL of His children to obey.

It’s not just for me.

It’s not just for you.

It’s for all of us.

Wearing a purity ring is my conviction and it doesn’t mean you have to, but it does keep me focused when the waiting isn’t so easy.

I love you guys!

God bless you.


Dancing Dreamss.


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