Day 1-8 February Journal Challenge.

Day 1: 5 things I need to accomplish this month.

  1. Be more on fire for Jesus.
  2. Dance more.
  3. Spend more time working on my businesses.
  4. Turn completely vegan. (Spirit led diet – don’t go vegan just because it is popular. My tummy has FORCED me to go vegan.)
  5. Prioritize better.

Day 2: Is your view of love based more from fear or is it optimistic? Explain.

Honestly, at this point in my life, more so optimistic and realistic. I used to be so afraid of love because I didn’t know what it was and I thought that I would just get hurt in the end… well, you will get disappointed and hurt sometimes, humans are frail and imperfect, but it will be so much different. If you are with the right person, it will be so much different. They won’t intentionally hurt you, they will be selfless, they don’t mind admitting when they are wrong and they will display all of the qualities of the 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a love.

Day 3: Have you ever based your worth on the approval of others? Explain.

Uh, yeah! Lol! I think everyone has, at some point in their lives. It’s human nature. However, once you get renewed in Jesus, transformed by the Word and become born again, you start to not care what others think anymore. Not to say you act silly or stupid, but you do things out of pure obedience and delight in God, versus pleasing human beings and wondering what they think about you. Even I still struggle with this sometimes.

Day 4: Do you feel you need a relationship to be complete or happy? Why?

Ummm, no. Lol! Why? We are complete in Jesus Christ. He is our first TRUE love and only He can satisfy our every need. A man or woman in your life is just an added bonus. It takes work to be in a lasting marriage. Also, you must learn to love yourself FIRST and learn to be happy in your own company FIRST before getting into a relationship.

Day 5: Is self-love selfish or necessary? Why do you hold this belief?

Yes I do believe that self-love is necessary. Why? How can you love someone else when you don’t even love yourself? It is a command to love others as yourself, but how can you love others, when you are empty? You love others through the overflow that you get from spending alone time with Jesus. You can’t give from an empty basket. J (Bible verses: 1 Corinthians 6:19 and Mark 12:30-31)

Day 6: What are some misconceptions our culture has adapted about love?

That love is based on feelings, that love will always be perfect and that it will never have to be worked on and that sex equals love. I have learned that love is none of those. See 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a for the true and Biblical definition of true love.

Day 7: Take the Love Languages test at . Write down your love language. Is it true? Explain.

So my highest one was physical touch, then words of encouragement and quality time. I will talk about physical touch and quality time. Honestly, all of them are true and I really did not know until recently that words of encouragement were a huge part of my love languages. I also did not know that you could have more than one! Such a year of exploring who I am, more and more each day. As for physical touch, I am a rather touchy person, but hate being touched by others unless you are my husband! Just ask anyone close to me. I squirm at the thought of a hug, even to my closest friends. Quality time, I always knew was my love language because I love spending time with those that I am closest to, even if we are not doing anything at all. Just being in the other persons presence is enough for me J

Day 8: Self-compassion consists of how well we treat ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. On a scale of 1-10, how are you doing? Explain.

I would say an 8 or a 9. I am doing pretty well physically. Finally went vegan, have been eating healthy and working out regularly. Something that I did not used to do lol. God kind of “forced” me in to it. Spirit led diet. Emotionally, doing a lot better compared to last year, but as always, there is still some much needed improvement in that area, such as not letting my emotions overwhelm and consume me. Mentally, I am doing SO MUCH better than last year. Still have one or two things that I am working on (fear), but we are all working on ourselves daily for the rest of our lives, right? J


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