Why I went Vegan.

Wow! I can NOT believe it has been nearly a YEAR since I have last blogged. It has been a crazy, insane, awesome journey in the last year but I cannot wait to share a whole bunch of updates with you in the coming updates 😊 It is going to be amazing. I am writing this on my cell phone, so excuse me if the alignment of this post is TOTALLY off. I mean, it really bothers me when professional text is not properly aligned in the center, do you NOT agree!?

Okay, anyways, enough about my silly little rants! Lol! Let’s get to the whole point of this blog.

So, over the years, I have slowly (and quickly – try to understand that lol) eased into being a total vegan. So, I would say, back in 2012, i went to go eat one of my favorite meals that my mother would always prepare: BBQ chicken with home made mac & cheese. Yum, right!? Well, sadly, for me, it was the total opposite. HUGE SAD FACE! I ate the BBQ chicken and my stomach almost IMMEDIATELY began to get sick and bloated. What!?

Now, before this, I completely stooped eating all types of process and fast foods. It wasn’t the norm for me because my body just could NOT for the life of it, process that junk.
So, back to the AMAZING BBQ Chicken. Yeah, I couldn’t eat it anymore. Death to the BBQ chicken. At this point, I hadn’t cut out dairy, fish or egg products out of my diet, but I knew meat was soon to be a thing of the past.

Fast forward to when I move out on my own.

Okay, yall know meat is expensive, so that was a rare treat for me. It made it easy not to want meat.

I tried to go totally vegan at this point (2013-2014) but bless my silly, beautiful heart, I had no knowledge on how to PROPERLY be a vegan and still get the nutrients that I needed from a plant based diet, so that epically failed.

Now, I have never been a sausage, bacon or ham lover. Nor have I really cared for egg products.

Fast forward to 2016-2017. This is when I made my official switch to being a vegan. I could no longer tolerate any meats, dairy or egg products. I mean, my stomach just cannot PROCESS them. I get sick and bloated.

2018, I am now totally a vegan and I am loving it. I can tell when something isnt vegan now and I can taste the difference. It is so easy to tell now. Occassionally I do eat non vegan but I usually prepare my body by detoxing before and after and pay the price of not eating vegan. It can be tricky sometimes.

And, just a side note:

Being vegan wasn’t exactly my choice, it just happened over time. I wish that I did not have to be vegan but to be honest, I like having a plant based diet because it has forced me to become a lot healthier. I feel less clogged and a lot more refreshed. Now, working out, on the other hand, is a different story lol. I need to get back into that and then I will feel more complete.

Well, that is my story and journey to choosing a plant based diet. I hope this clears up any questions that anyone might have.

Next Blog: What I eat to get proteins and cure my meat cravings along with some brands that I consistently eat.

Blessings, love & Shalom to everyone.

Freedom Dancerss.


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