Faith That Walks on Water!

15351573341073860909096309439121.jpgCan I just say how crazy this year has been? It has been a total faith walk that I have never been on before. I wouldn’t even consider it a wilderness season at all, but more like a testing, stretching and growing. From losing so much at my mama’s house when the massive water main break flooded her house, to moving to Florida with only $6,000 that I got from the insurance coverage after the “flooding”, to my roommate not having a job for a good seven months and to my major health concerns (arthritis in my whole spine and major parts of my body, asthma, fibromyalgia and major peripheral neuropathy) it has been a MAJOR journey.

However, I would not change it for the world and I can now see that I am at the end of this tunnel.

YHWH has been ever so faithful to provide for me in small, big and massive ways and I could also not have made it with the help of all of my friends and certain family members.

I have never heard the voice of YHWH so clearly as I have in this season. I have never felt closer to YHWH than I have in this season. Even though I got mad at YHWH plenty of times in this season, I know that He is still good, He is still faithful (even when we are NOT) and He is still my Abba!

I made it and I know that I did not go through this intense season for no reason at all. It has made me stronger and better than ever before and I am so thankful.

If Yah has called you to take a leap of faith and you cannot see what is in front of you and you are scared: I say do it and give it all you have got! I cannot promise you it will be easy and I cannot promise you that you won’t have moments where you want to give up, through in the towel and be mad at Yah forever, BUT, what I CAN promise you, is that you WILL grow and come out better/stronger than you did when you first took that leap of faith. Abba will not fail you and I promise that a blessing will be on the other side of your leap of faith, be it spiritual, mental, physical or emotional.

Thanks for reading every one and Shabbat Shalom to my brothers and sisters out there!

With love in my heart…

Freedom Dancerss.