Getting Saved.

Are you saved? Not sure if you are or not? Well, be sure to check out and read this page in its ENTIRETY. I want to see YOU in Heaven!

Here is the greatest LOVE story that was ever told:

Jesus Christ was sent on this Earth to die for you and me, to save us from the eternal hell fire that we ALL (myself included) were destined to go to, before Jesus Christ came! He didn’t do it because we deserved it. He didn’t do it because our works saved us. And He surely did not do it because we EARNED our way into Heaven. It’s because God’s mercy is infinite! It’s because God’s grace is infinite! It’s because God’s love is INFINITE! Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and I so that we may be born again believers! He went to hell for 3 days, suffered on that cross and took on all the sins, sicknesses and diseases of the world so that we might have eternal life with Him because God is not WILLING that ANY should perish! He doesn’t want ANYONE to die, but when He created the Earth, He gave us a will and choice to serve Him or to not. To believe in Him or to not.

Do you want to be saved? Say this simple prayer with me out loud right now:

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You that you willingly offered Your life on that cross for me 2,000 years ago. You bore my sins and took them all away so that I may have eternal, abundant life with You not just in Heaven, but here on this Earth. Lord, I believe that Jesus is Lord, that He died on the cross for my sins and rose 3 days later and is now sitting at the right hand seat next to You. I accept Him in my life RIGHT NOW. Work in me and change me into who You have called me to be. I love You and I thank You! In Jesus name I pray, Amen & Amen.

Friends, if you’ve prayed that prayer, you are now born again! But you have a part to play in this:

You must renew your mind with the Word of God daily (start with the New Testament) and repent (which means to turn away from your old, sinful lifestyle that you lived BEFORE you got saved) from your former lifestyle and start being a doer of the Word of God! You now possess the Holy Spirit within the inside of you, so ask Him to help you live a holy and pleasing lifestyle before God! He will help you! You are not alone in this!

Start reading your Bible EVERY SINGLE DAY, find a Church that stands on the Word of God and start praying and talking to God like you would a normal person, every day. Have a personal relationship with Him! This is not a religion, this is RELATIONSHIP! Get to know your Father, Creator and Lord!

Click this link to follow a basic start reading plan!

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful day and like I said before, if you have ANY questions whatsoever, please feel free to e-mail me at . Thank you! God loves you and so do I! You are BLESSED! BE BLESSED!

❤ Dancing Dreamss.


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  1. Kay Marie says:

    Will be changing this very soon 🙂 To something more Biblical.

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