Girl Defined Launch Team & Updates!

Hey y’all!

Cannot believe it has been over a year since I have last published a blog post on here. Oh, how time flies! And I now find myself in a brand new state since my last blog post on here. So much has changed in the last year and I cannot wait to share it with y’all in the coming blog posts!

Two things I wanted to share with you all tonight:

1. I am on Girl Defined’s launch team for their new, upcoming book: Love Defined! Will be sharing updates and info with you as they come in.

2. The name of this blog will be changing to Freedom Dancerss and I will share WHY in the next blog post coming this week.

Other blog posts to look forward to:

  • Updates on my life.
  • All things skincare and makeup.
  • All things spiritual and prophetic.
  • Information on human trafficking and all forms of abuse.
  • Current life happenings and revelations from Adonai!
  • Why I went vegan.

So thrilled to take this journey with you all! Stay excited and be on the lookout for all of my new and upcoming posts!

Blessings & Shalom.


Freedom Dancerss.


Dear Future Husband: God is Preparing Us.

It is my prayer, future husband, that I will be filled up and overflowing with the oil of the Lord and His calling over my life, when we meet.

I pray that you do the same.

I pray that we both will be ready when we see each other some day.

I pray that will have oceans of love for one another ready to spill out and overflow to each other and our future children.

I pray that even if you arrive in the middle of the night, that my lamp will still be burning bright for you.

God is preparing me for you, and you for me and I can not wait for that joyous meeting when the clock strikes midnight and we can finally meet each other.

I love you, king.


Your praying & prepared wite.

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